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Billionaire Experience

Billionaire is the ultimate dinner show a nocturnal adventure offering a full scale spectacle on stage, paired with luxury dining and completed by an after dinner clubbing experience.

Billionaire is serious about the business of entertaining. Masters in the art of knowing how to make a party happen. Experts in seamlessly blending complicated elements to ensure that every guests has the night of their life.

Masters of Extravaganza



There is an art to everything, and putting on a show is no exception. All of the elements must be brilliant in their own right as well as working seamlessly together for a spectacle to dazzle.

Every night, we expertly blend tailored service, exceptional food, and the world’s most extraordinary entertainment to create a choreographed extravaganza for each one of our guests.



Extravagance is a state of mind.An electrifying evening begins with anticipation. Opulence should never be formal.

Rhythm is the energy of a perfect night. Adventures only happen for those who are ready. We are the masters of extravaganza. We are Billionaire.

Brand Pillars

Tailored Service

Energy, passion, and liveliness is what drives our animated staff to set the mood for our guests, approaching every task with boundless zest. From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart our skillful staff engineers an interactive show just for you.

Brand Pillars

First-Class Food

We curate the finest ingredients and dishes from classic Italian and New-Asian cuisine for a luxury dining adventure unlike any other.

Brand Pillars

Mesmerizing Interiors

You'll feel right at home in our architect designed interiors, that seamlessly blend high end materials and sophisticated, warm and glamorous colour schemes for unparalleled ambience.

Brand Pillars

Exemplary Entertainment

We continually hunt across the globe for talent to create extraordinary, emotional entertainment, so our diverse shows will blow you away every time.

Brand Pillars

A Lively Community

What makes Billionaire unique is our loyal community of discerning guests. Their energy makes them flaunt and shine, creating a magical atmosphere that nurtures their appetite for unforgettable encounters and unimagined adventures.


Brand Values



Excellence is the cornerstone of our corporate identity, representing our steadfast dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality and performance in all our endeavours.



Creativity is the sparkle that ignites innovation and fuels our imagination.



Memorability is the art of leaving a last impression, ensuring that our experiences and offerings remain unforgettable.



Loyalty is the unwavering bond that fosters trust and enduring connections.