Billionaire performers on stage
Best of the Best

Highlights of the artistic cast


A world class production, with an international cast made of 25 outstanding performers, including singers, dancers and acrobats from all around the world: Russia, Ukraine, Holland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil.

The Guinness World Record will be on stage too, bringing worldwide Super Special Acts from all the most important stages such as: Lido, Crazy Horse, Palazzo and Moulin Rouge.

Luciano Bassi


From the moment Luciano started to sing, he knew that he was destined to be on the stage. After falling in love with performing at school, he went on to study music and musical theatre and performed all over the world.

His performances are driven by the need to give back to the audience and to create something unforgettable, making Billionaire the perfect match for his creative talents. Taking centre stage in Billionaire Monte Carlo’s extravagant show.

For Luciano, Billionaire is a parallel universe, what happens inside the red velvet draped world of Billionaire Monte Carlo, stays there.

Geniris Mena


Born in the Dominican Republic, moved to Spain at the age of 7 and started to perform in musical at the age of 16. Geniris played the role of Diana Ross in Forever King of Pop, the only musical officially authorized by the Jackson family. Geniris has also participated in various talent shows such us The Voice.

In 2019 she became the Artistic Director of “OH MY CLUB” a trendy night club in Madrid.

Eimy Gomez

Eimy Gomez

Singing runs in Eimy’s blood. This talented vocalist started performing from the moment she could talk, finding a way to express her emotions through the power of song.

Her incredible vocal range lights up the Billionaire stage, bringing an intoxicating mix of high energy and soulful seduction to the stage. For Eimy, Billionaire is original and powerful, the dramatically orchestrated show is both audacious and discreet, allowing her to use the full spectrum of her talents.

Eimy treats guests to an unparalleled performance every night at Billionaire Monte Carlo, with her incredible vocals at the heart of the show.

João Godinho


With an amazing international path as a high competitor gymnast in sports acrobatics for more than 15 years, João decided to change the competition world for the art of performance and travel the world sharing his talent and effortless artistry.

With a complete background as an acrobat, an actor, a dancer and also a singer, João reached a level of demand that only international performers aim for and achieve. With a non stopping career both national and international, João is specialized in aerial trapeze, straps and net contemporary disciplines.

Tribertis Duo Carlo & Ursula

Tribertis Duo
Carlo and Ursula

A charismatic couple Carlo and Ursula presenting their skating act on a three meter high skating table. An outstanding performance never seen before.

The act has also been rewarded as one of the best in the world.

Evangelina Alves


Her career as an aerialist started at the age of 14 years old, in Portugal. Few years later she travelled all around the world, creating different aerial acts and performing in some of the most important stages and theatres.

In 2020, Eva started to perform the aerial pole, which immediately become her signature act.

Billionaire performers on stage


Juan and Gustavo Marruffo, father and son, fourth family’s generation, they are specialists in handstands and hand to hand performances.

Born in Brazil and they have performed all over South America in festivals, circuses and parks as well participated in the most famous Brazilian TV programs like: Beto Carrero Parque, Festival De Circ Elefant D’or Girona, Kunz Theater, and Fuentes Gasca.