Billionaire performer
A truly unique experience



Billionaire Porto Cervo is a nocturnal adventure offering luxury dining paired with nightlife, consisting of a special show with spectacular entertainment, perfectly blending extraordinary performances, exceptional food and service.

Billionaire performers on stage

The Venue

The venue’s eclectic spirit invokes a sense of excitement and energy that are truly unique. The restaurant is located on the open-air terrace, with tables set around an impressive stage where extraordinary performances unfold throughout the night, creating the magical and infectious energy that is the trademark of the brand.

Billionaire performer on stage

The Show

An incredible show with playful and sensual live singing and dancing acts alternating with acrobatic performances, captures guests while they are enjoying an extraordinary Italian and New Asian dining experience under the magical star-studded Costa Smeralda sky. A spectacular mid-summer adventure that’s as unexpected as it is unforgettable.

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