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Billionaire Dubai needs to be experienced to be believed

An evening of pure escapism

Billionaire Dubai boldly steers away from the standard dining experiences the city has to offer, by pairing its extraordinary Grand Show with an exquisite culinary experience, enjoyed in the most mesmerizing of settings.

In a city that’s always hungry for more, Billionaire is shaking up the hospitality scene with a unique approach that offers everything you need to immerse yourself in an unforgettable night.

An extravaganza

food and entertainment

With its perfect blend of food and entertainment, paired with an electrifying atmosphere and impeccable service, it is a spectacle unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Scouring the globe for the best of the best, Billionaire Dubai’s Artistic Production Director, Montserrat (Montse) Moré, formerly of Cirque Du Soleil, has brought together a cast of the world’s most talented dancers, singers and acrobats in a show that transports guests to wonderous land of unadulterated fun.

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Dining at Billionaire Dubai
extraordinary food

Gastronomy reigns supreme

Gastronomy reigns supreme at Billionaire Dubai with authentic, fresh and extraordinary food presented with an elegant and theatrical touch.

A delectable culinary offering of two distinct menus, Italian and New-Asian, curated by celebrity chef Batuhan Piatti Zeynioglu, using the finest ingredients, ensures a deliciously diverse selection of dishes.

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