Artistic Director

Raffaele Riccio

Artistic Director

Raffaele Riccio, born in Naples on August 1st 1975. After studying Economics he became a professional journalist in 2001, covering entertainment and cultural events. Following his passion, Raffaele decided to make a career switch to enter the Theater world , devoting himself to theatrical productions and gaining a considerable experience in the field.

In 2011, at the Festival of International Theatre, Raffaele made his debut as a producer of “Richard III” in Naples, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Kevin Spacey. The play was awarded the UBU Prize (bringing Old Vic from London to Naples). In the same year, until 2014, Raffaele took the prestigious role of Operative Director of Naples’s Theatre Festival.

Raffaele Riccio

Raffaele Riccio

2014 was the turning point for Raffaele, as he met visionary entertainment guru Franco Dragone, who took him into his entertainment group. Having gained Dragone’s trust and appreciation, Raffaele became his right-hand man, following and working with Dragone on all the group’s ambitious productions around the world, in locations such as Las Vegas, Macao, China, and Dubai.

To quote just a few:

  • Work on “Land of Legends” Theme Park in Turkey.
  • The park won the award for Best Theme Park in the World in 2019.
  • “La Perle” in Dubai, an iconic permanent entertainment show

New Challenge

From 2022 Raffaele took up a new challenge and joined the Majestas group, founded by Flavio Briatore, as Artistic Director for the Billionaire brand. In his role, Raffaele conceives and produces the permanent shows of Billionaire Dubai and Billionaire Doha. This summer he has also assumed the artistic responsibility of the ‘new’ entry of the brand: Billionaire at Sporting Monte-Carlo

Raffaele Riccio’s own projects include:

  • Responsible for Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Universiade 2019
  • FIFA World Cup Doha 2022: Created a show for the activation of Qetaifan Island during the FIFA World Cup for Sheikh Nasser al Thani.