Staircase view landscape
The interior

An extraordinary dining destination

Billionaire Riyadh is designed to the highest levels of bespoke luxury.

Extravagant fabrics and textures are skillfully mixed in bold combinations of rich hues of red, deep blue and golden brown. Prestigious materials such as ribbed timber and brass metal work with intricate details, combine to create an utterly refined and glamorous environment.

Guests are enveloped in welcoming and warm settings, where to relax, share and enjoy great food, clever conversations and each other’s company, surrounded by a truly luxurious décor.

a unique experience

The interior design is a reflection of the buzzing location of the restaurant itself, where the key focus is for guests to absorb the vibes and energy and rejuvenate through a unique experience, whilst maintaining the pulse of their progressive and busy lifestyles.

Goat closeup
Mirror and lighting

Textures and materials

The clever use of natural granite and timber adds strength and authenticity to each dining environment.

Specially tailored crafting of lightings, specific interior features and colors define the individual character of the different spaces: slightly formal, discreet earthen tones for intimate corners, vibrant colors and theatrical settings for more open spaces.

Table layout from above at an angle

Live Fire Grill

The unique “Live Fire Grill” features an exciting and intriguing view for our guests to enjoy from their tables, watching the chefs at work, adding a ‘live show’ element and contributing to the lively and vibrant atmosphere of this unique dining destination in Riyadh.

Looking through glass doors

an unforgettable dining experience

The seamless transition between different areas within the restaurant introduces a modern design approach, in tone with the cultural evolution of the Kingdom itself. The availability of comfortable, well- equipped private spaces dedicated to business or special occasions offers versatility and discretion.

From cozy, private parties to corporate business meetings, we guarantee a warm welcome, an impeccable service and an unforgettable dining experience.