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The Restaurant

A Culinary Journey


Billionaire Riyadh is the gourmet destination of choice for those who seek to experience an extraordinary journey  through an array of authentic flavours and ingredients of the highest quality, bringing to life a wide selection of exceptional, unique dishes, all  presented with a theatrical touch.

The delectable culinary feast, composed by Italian and New-Asian cuisine, with a nod to Saudi culture, is curated by Billionaire celebrity Chef Batuhan Piatti Zeynioglu

Chef Batuhan

"At Billionaire Riyadh, our honorable Guests are our absolute priority and our aim is to fulfill their desire to be surprised and to exceed their expectations, by delivering an extraordinary dining experience, as unexpected as it is unforgettable"

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Always curated and executed to perfection

Featuring a phenomenal à la carte menu that fuses New-Asian modernity and Italian authenticity, the choice is as plentiful as it is spectacular, taking guests on a culinary journey of discovery with flavorsome surprises around every corner brought especially to Billionaire Riyadh.

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New-Asian meets Italian

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